What’s your favorite “didn’t realize it” band?

This past weekend, I graduated from my c25k program!  Yes, I rushed through (tsk tsk) despite the program’s warnings and I upped my running scheduled from 3x a week to 5x a week, and finished about two weeks early.  NEVERTHELESS, I am super proud of my accomplishment and hereby can run 3.1 miles without stopping, and average anywhere from 28-32 minutes to complete it (give or take distance/time between treadmill and outdoor calculations – I finished it in 28 on the treadmill but I am guessing I might slow down certain parts on the pavement, though I am not certain!!)

SOOO, basically that whole rambly paragraph up there is actually a preface to the subject of my post.  See, on my ‘graduation’ run, I flipped the application off and just relied on the treadmill timer and Pandora radio provided the soundtrack.  I usually run to either the Lady Gaga or Kesha station and very suitably, the song that popped up in the tail end of my run was this one:

It’s Paramore’s “Hallelujah” – and if you haven’t heard it before, or are not sure if you have heard it before, it deserves a listen!  I love that song, and had kind of forgotten about it, but I found myself singing along (quietly, hah, as not to elicit weird looks from fellow gym patrons) and it really pushed me to the end of my workout.

Later that evening, I started to think about that song, and the band…and realized that it was just one of many Paramore songs that I enjoy.  Wait, when did Paramore become one of my favorite artists?

“All We Know”


“Brick by Boring Brick”

…one of my very favorites:

“That’s What You Get”

So, okay, I guess they’re kinda (no, scratch that, really quite) poppy-type popular – and these are just a SMALL snippet of some of their songs, but – it’s weird because I don’t remember WHEN I started to like them, unlike most of my other favorite artists – but it’s cool =)  Are there any bands that you really love but it took a while for you to discover that fact?


And as if you haven’t heard ENOUGH …of course, the popular “Airplanes” with B.O.B. features Hayley Williams – of course, the lead  vocalist of Paramore.  You know a song is super mainstream when it elicits a huge amount of twitter/fb updates!


  1. I was looking through random blogs and your subject caught my eye. 🙂

    I love Paramore. They’re amazing live. Their song, “All I Wanted” is so good. Haley’s voice gives me chills on that song.

    I’m a huge music fanatic so I listen to a lot of bands and such. Music inspires my writing so I’m always listening to it. I think the one band that is a “didn’t realize it” band for me is probably Jimmy Eat World. I didn’t realize I was that into their music until I started my most recent novel and one of their songs goes so well with the subject of it. 🙂

    • thanks for the comment! i would love to see paramore live, and yes, I agree on “all i wanted” – i love listening to that song as well…wow, another fave!!! =)

      we definitely would get along – j.e.w. is one of my very faves since forever as well. i have all their albums and their songs just – they’re emotional but awesome sounding, as well, which can be a difficult balance.

  2. duuude. totally didn’t realize you’d done the couch to 5k too! wish we could have had more time at/before/after the bridal show on sunday to chat, we’d have had so much to talk about!!!

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