Bikila love.

So, I took the plunge!

This afternoon, after using the nifty store locator on the Vibram website, the hubs and I journeyed over to the only brick& mortar store that offers the footwear in the Orlando area: Travel Country Outdoors. Once we arrived, we immediately found the fivefingers display (right in the center of the store) and saw several customers trying them on.

I zeroed in on the Bikila models; these are the ones designed specifically for runners in mind (thanks Amy for pointing me in that direction!) which are named after Abebe Bikila, who won the 1960 Olympic Marathon Gold Medal while running barefoot.

Anywho!  I had my foot sized, and then it was time to try them on – almost a struggle – but there was a friendly salesperson there, giving pointers for trying them on.  Soon enough, I had my right sized pair, and was already loving them!  I had a choice of three colors, as well, a blue/grey (new color), a magenta/orange and the green (in the model-speak: verde!) which, of course, I ended up picking.

The hubs also tried them on, at my urging (I didn’t think he’d want to buy them – but hey, if you’re at the store, why not try, right!?) but it was just me that ended up making the purchase.  I happily carried them out to the car, gripping the box until I sat down, where I gazed upon them again.  Hubs convinced me to try them out, so I got them on and we walked around the Altamonte Mall for a bit, before heading over to the delicious pizza experience of Mellow Mushroom (read my short review here – and add me there on Yelp! too, if you’re on there!) and then headed home…I kept the shoes on, and then ran a quick 1.5 miles on the treadmill to break them in further…which gets me up to 6 miles ran in one day today!

I am anxious to see how my legs/feet react to this new footwear, but do not fear, I will report my findings as they come in!


  1. ok, so that’s where you got them. i’m curious about the new color now! but green is my fave, plus i’ve already got a backorder in through REI. i’m glad you’re liking them so far. yes, they’ll be a little difficult to get on until you get used to them and they get used to you (i think they’ll give a little as you wear them more, or so i’ve heard). but YAY! can’t wait to hear more review updates as you get to know them and get to feel the changes in your run!

    • yes! the new blue ones are subtler than the men’s blue ones, but also nice. i am gonna wear them around the house today for a while, too…

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