Yoga, yo.

So, up until a few months ago, I have never considered incorporating yoga into my fitness routine.  I always thought it was a boring old thing that new-age yuppie-types were into, and that there was no physical way you could actually get a work-out from holding odd-looking poses.  Besides, who wanted to wear funky stretchy pants and sports bras in public, anyway?


Well, my friends, that all changed when I happened upon a Groupon which offered 10 classes for $40 at Bikram Yoga Southwest Orlando.  It was a mega deal, as a single class is typically $15 and the usual price for 10 is $120.  Even the introductory deal (which is pretty awesome, btw: $20 for the first week!) is surpassed in the savings.

Of course, I still wasn’t sure what Bikram was, in yogaspeak, but I did a few Google searches before clicking the button that indicated my interest, and waited to see if the offer was accepted.  I thought, “hey, why the heck not?” as I learned that this form of yoga was one performed in 105 degree heat – sometimes also referred to as ‘hot yoga’ and comprised of 26 different positions in 90-minutes.  “Even better value!” I thought to myself when I saw how long the classes were!

But the real kicker came when I was curious about how “good” this form of yoga was for me – with the heat + positions, it was said that Bikram can work to flush impurities through sweating, increase your supply of oxygen…and can burn up to 800-1000 calories in a session!

Needless to say, I was jazzed when I saw that the Groupon offer was accepted, and I was promptly sent my redemption e-mail.  This was the lull in the whole process, though, I must admit – as I purchased the Groupon back in June, but didn’t get around to redeem until just last week.  I kept making excuses – like, “oh, I don’t have enough time,” or “I’ll do it when I get back from *this trip* or *that trip*” – but finally, I took the plunge last Wednesday morning and just did it!  And so glad I did.


Now, that image above is not from our class, but it does show one of the positions in Bikram, and kinda gives an idea of what it’s like in the studio room – lines on the ground, to indicate where to line your feet up, yoga mats covered in large towels (seriously, I have never sweated this much in my entire life) and aqua – lots of aqua!!!

The experience is definitely an interesting one, but as I look back on today (which marked my 4th class, as previously mentioned) I am glad I embarked upon it, and I look forward to improving my postures!


Heh, as Lamont from Reading Rainbow would say…”But don’t take my word for it!”

Here’s another person who became a Bikram fan, I like the way it’s written: Calories per Hour.

Do you practice yoga?  What got you interested?


  1. […] It’s written on multiple Bikram websites, pamphlets and literature pertaining to the eclectic practice of yoga known as Bikram. Performed in high temperatures for an extended class time of 90 minutes, it is comprised of 26 different poses and two breathing exercises that are said to work every single part of your body in one session….but wait, why I am rehashing this all?  It’s really old news by now. […]

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