My official “first” 5k experience!!

Like the creepy photos?  I’m the one with the hot pink running shorts!!  😉  Ha, unfortunately since it was a night race, I didn’t get any awesome pics, but that’s alright!  I had a great time, and met my goals that I had set for myself on my first official 5k since graduating c25k:

  1. Run the whole thing!
  2. Finish within 30 minutes

According to the official chip time, I came in at


(see the results link here)

As you can see 27 was my lucky number because I also placed 27th in the overall!  Not too shabby =D

Some of the highlights of the race where the fact that it was at night – so we wore glowsticks, plus most of it was on off-road trails so that was a first for me, as well!  It was kinda scary as it got really dark, but I think that also motivated me to keep moving!!

Have you participated in a 5k?  Or higher?  What were some of your goals/did you reach them??


14 thoughts on “My official “first” 5k experience!!

  1. Yea!! Way to go! Sounds like a fun event with it being night and all. I’m shooting for the race for the cure coming up in November!

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