DIY is back!

As of today, I have completed 9 of the 10 classes included in my Groupon for Bikram Yoga.

I have been LOVING IT of course, so this weekend, I worked on a fun DIY project…creating a yoga mat bag!!

(source): Unfortunately, not my yoga mat, but I do love it!!

It was an idea a few weeks in the making, as I had been browsing the internet for a cute yoga bag tote/holder/carrier.bag thingy pretty much since the day I bought my yoga mat (which, coincidentally, was after my very first class).  I scoured the web, and gathered a few images of some cute ones…

However, whenever I found a bag that was really interesting, it was so super expensive!!  Seriously, I am not made of money, plus, if I wanted to continue with Bikram, it’s pricey…like $150/month expensive.  And, I want to continue to do it, so there are gonna have to be some places where I should be spending less money – so I reverted back to the days of wedding planning and brainstormed – how could I accomplish the task of owning an attractive AND affordable yoga mat bag…ahh, I could MAKE it!!


Luckily for me, amidst the countless confusing sewing patterns and descriptions, I found this amazing site. Here, a straightforward process was presented in clear detail, lighthearted narration – perfect for my attention span!  I got to work on the project, with no real expectation on how my end product would turn out.  AND, in true DIY fashion, I made many improvisations: instead of purchasing fabric, I used a 99-cent Marshalls reusable shopping tote, and for the ribbon, I dg into my wedding supplies and found some leftover.

…and TA DA!  Took me about 1.5-2 hours since I hand-sewed it, but I really like how it turned out!!  My bag fit perfectly inside, and though there are a few cosmetic imperfections, it definitely serves its purpose and came out at just about ~$1 for supplies.  I am seriously considering creating a few more for fun and variation in the future, as they might also make fun gifts!!

Since I was really flying by the seat of my pants on this venture, I unfortunately do not have a step-by-step guide on the creation of mine in particular (but seriously, check out that site above if you’re interested!  it’s so super awesome!!) but I’d love to chronicle it if anyone’s interested!  Just drop me a comment =)


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