Bikram 30 Day Challenge.

“It’s never too late, it’s never too bad, and you’re never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again.”
Bikram Choudury.

It’s written on multiple Bikram websites, pamphlets and literature pertaining to the eclectic practice of yoga known as Bikram. Performed in high temperatures for an extended class time of 90 minutes, it is comprised of 26 different poses and two breathing exercises that are said to work every single part of your body in one session….but wait, why I am rehashing this all?  It’s really old news by now.


Nevertheless!  The real BIG reason I am once again blogging about Bikram is the fact that I have decided to embark upon the 30 day challenge.  And what, pray tell, is that – you may be thinking?!  Well!  Just as it says, it’s 30 days…in which you challenge yourself to 30 classes.  It works out to attending class daily, or, God forbid you have to miss a day, you repeat a class the next.  It’s a major time commitment, but is supposed to bring some kind of new awareness and perspective to life…all that new age – yoga-ish kinda thought – wait…have I become one of those people?!

Blah, who cares!  All I know is that I’ve stepped up, and am hoping to chronicle it for the most part as well.  While preparing for this mission, I did my best to find other blogs that documented the adventure in others’ lives.  Here are a few samplings:

Armed with their experience and knowledge, I had set out to begin my challenge TODAY, August 23, 2010, as it marked my anniversary of FOUR YEARS of living in Florida.  However, fate had other intentions in mind for me, as I awoke, alarm-clock-less yesterday, Sunday, at 8 AM.  And so, it began…08/22/2010.

I know I’ll be pushing it, attending class daily, and so daily blog postings pertaining to the classes may be an even loftier goal, but we’ll see how that goes.

Have you ever set upon a physical or fitness challenge?  How did it go?

(And better question…how did I go from a lazy mclazy couch-dweller to someone embarking upon not one, but TWO goals in one year?!)


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