Halloween (or how an easy 4-mile run became a two-hour sightseeing tour)

Let’s set the scene:

So, yup – we went to the Rally to Restore Sanity yesterday, and let me tell you, there were more people on and around The Mall than I have ever seen in my life.  The mood was electrifying and despite the fact that we never got close enough to actually see the action on the stage (we could hear it, and caught short glances of the action on the big-screen monitors) it was definitely a great experience to be a part of and the hubs and I were glad to take part in it.


After checking the rally out, we headed back onto the Metro at the Chinatown stop and headed back via the Yellow Line – we were a little hungry/in need of a pick-me-up so we decided on a coffee break somewhere on King Street, since that is our transfer point to the Blue Line anyway.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, and so we made it all the way down near the waterfront and grabbed a fantastic latte and brownie at Firehook Bakery, then took a long stroll down Prince Street to admire the architecture of the unique homes that line it – added with the gorgeousness of the autumn leaves it definitely was nice!

So, why mention all this that has nothing to do with my blog title?

Well, by the time we made it back home (we walked to our Metro stop instead of driving/parking, since we knew it would be crowded) we had essentially walked for several hours – a fact that I loved, since I ❤ walking, but hubs was complaining of soreness and general tiredness.  I guess I have my half-marathon training to thank for my endurance!!


Since the temperatures have been making their seasonal dip back to normal, I decided that this morning, I’d sleep in as long as my body needed, then go for my Week 2 long run upon waking, which happened to be 9 AM.  It was about 50 degrees out, sunny and very pleasant – I decided that I’d follow a new path, with a basic geographic understanding of where my 4 miles would be routed.

Uhm, so yeah.

As I happily traipsed up and down the hills and paths just “a few” neighborhoods down, I found myself edging into very unknown territory.  Of course, it being a Sunday morning, there were tons of runners, walkers and dog-walkers out to keep me company, but as I passed a large strip/mall shopping center, I began to realize I had no earthly idea where I was!  Still, I was on major roads, all with well-maintained sidewalks, so I kept on whilst turning up a road that I was sure would take me back to the direction of my starting point, until my running app told me that I’d reached my distance goal.

At that point, I thought I could just take a look at the Google map on my iPhone and walk home as a cool down.  Problem was, I was literally 4 miles away – my “turn around” point didn’t direct me back, per se, it kinda just added on to my distance.  So, it was gonna be a long walk home…okay, no worries…let me find some short cuts…

Long story short, my 35 minute run became a 2-hour outdoor adventure – I ended up running an additional mile when I was almost home because I just was ready for some breakfast and a shower and wanted to get back as soon as possible!

So, I’d say I am definitely still on track for this 1/2 training!  In fact, I signed up for this 8K that I just found out about:


…a race through Busch Gardens in Williamsburg!  So excited for it…it’s the first one and it’ll be a great race to do just a month before I head down to Florida.

Whew, not sure what else this Sunday will bring, but it’s been a fantastic weekend so far.  We don’t have any Halloween plans, but then again, we never really have done anything that big anyway – probably just chill and I can cook up the acorn squash I picked up this week for dinner.

How has your weekend gone?  Anything big?

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  1. this has sorta nothing to do with your post (well, kinda because its a running question)- have you ever tried energy gels? i didn’t even know there was such a thing until recently.

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