(almost) a week in…

…and it’s going well/I’m feeling great/all heck has not broken loose!

As I had imagined, it is much easier to ‘be vegan’ at home – creating your own food really allows the most flexibility AND the most reliability that you know WHAT is in your food!  However, we did go out to eat last night, to the Silver Diner, of all places, where I ordered a really yummy mango veggie stir-fry; and amongst the burgers and shakes, I ddin’t even feel wistful or deprived…in fact, I felt pretty good about my choice – not just that meal choice, but of this challenge, because it is definitely proving to me that as running proved to be, these things really manifest as mind over matter!

Something that HAS been on my mind, however…is the topic of honey.  Yes, honey.


I, for one, always thought of honey as healthy.  Okay, well, I also thought drinking milk was GOOD for me and that one NEEDED meat to survive, but I digress =)  I mean, surely, those bees couldn’t possibly eat all that honey…right?  They want to share…maybe?

Hah!  If you’re really curious about what vegans think about honey, there are no shortage of resources available for you to peruse upon the subject….here, or an opposing view here – or everything in between here.  And as for, I am still pretty undecided myself, as surprisingly, I have come to realize that I really like honey, and honey is in a lot of stuff, but if I am a vegan, that means no animals or animal products!  But…let me be honest, don’t I swat flies?  Smash irritating mosquitoes?  Why is my compassion for animals so selective?

Deep, right?

And amidst this confusion, I’ve avoided my Kashi cereal, sweetened by honey – but have had two soy chai tea lattes, before realizing that a major component in chai is – you guessed it – honey.


What are your thoughts on honey?  Or more importantly, have you ever really thought about a single item like this and its impact?


6 thoughts on “(almost) a week in…

  1. Simple answer: bees make honey for themselves, not for us. That hives are artificially manipulated to produce honey in commercially useful amounts doesn’t mean bees are *naturally* overproducing honey.

    Also, like many a poorly-thought-through line of thinking that assumes there’s no inherent cruelty or intentional killing in dairy production, the way commercial beekeepers artifically stimulate a hive’s honey production is by killing the queen and her retinue (google “requeening).

    • Thanks for your insight! I Googled ‘requeening’ and have to say that was an interesting read and thoughts I have not contemplated before. Thanks for your help!!

  2. I suppose it all boils down to whether you actually *are* a Vegan or if you’re just participating in a Vegan diet for a month…honestly, do whatever makes you happy and feel healthy.

  3. HONEY!?!?!? Oh my goodness girl, I didn’t even think about that being a no-no for us new vegans! But duh, it’s made by animals. I rarely put honey on anything, but I do eat some things that contain honey, like your chai tea mention. Agave nectar is vegan though, right? So that’s an easy sub for honey, although I’ve read it is NOT really a healthy alternative… most have added high fructose syrup. But surely there are brands that don’t…? I agree, this path to veganism is confusing!

    • Nora – I am glad to have blogging friends like you to help in this crazy adventure of veganism! Thanks for your thoughts!!

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