I was pretty hardcore about my vegan experiment this month, but I know that there were moments of – shall we say – hunger-driven-desperation as I progressed through November.  I will fully admit that there were a few slip-ups and their occurences were a blend of  mistakes, miscalculations or leniency, including, but not limited to:

  • Had a teensy bite of hubs’ caramel french toast at the diner before we took off for vacation – I myself ordered a great veggie chili but was definitely tempted by the sweet aroma.
  • The house salad at a german restaurant we visited in the Amana colonies in Iowa had shredded cheese on it – I picked around it, and got a dairy-free dressing on the side, but I definitely had a smidgen of it because I did not want to send it back after specifically ordering the one item that I *could* eat – I hate being fussy and I was HUNGRY!
  • I had some chocolate covered pretzels that were on the appetizer table at my MIL’s house on Thanksgiving.  I dodged the (DELICIOUS) Lindt truffles though.
  • I ate a chocolate chip cookie at my SIL’s house.
  • I had sips of hubs’ iced coffee (with cream) at Starbucks last night after booking it across the O’Hare airport.

So yes, this proves a few things – sweets are definitely a downfall for me, though I have not ONCE been allured by meat; though this is not to say there has not been temptation!  For example, I was just fine on Thanksgiving day, but seeing the turkey in the fridge for the days after…that tried my willpower a bit, but not enough to fall off the wagon. =)

What do you think might ‘do you in’ if you went vegan?


4 thoughts on “Cheats.

  1. i think if i did the vegan thing i would not be able to resist anything dairy! i love Fage (greek yogurt) and its my splurge item on my grocery list that i like for b-fast. but i agree with you…sweets would definitely be difficult to resist, especially during the holiday season (yummy warm drinks, cookies, cake, pie, etc) 🙂

    • It’s weird! I didn’t miss dairy as an ingredient so much (like, I do prefer the taste of almond milk over dairy milk) but it started getting a little tedious everytime I had to order soy for 50 cents more at SBUX (ugh) since I am not even a huge soymilk fan and the fact that Dunkin Donuts doesn’t have soy at all their locations so I was DD-less – and you know how much I love their iced coffee! I know that people might think that sounds whiny, but I (personally) think (for me at least) every diet deserves a little splurging – like your yogurt! I did miss my siggi (

      • you should get a sutaba- card and after 5 drinks or what not, syrups and soy milk are free! 🙂

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