Knock, knock…

Contrary to what may very well be popular belief, I am still here…promise! 😉

The nine-day hiatus between my blog posts is definitely inexcusable, but the reasons are three-fold:

  1. We went on vacation; flew out to Iowa for Thanksgiving and I *GASP* did not bring along my laptop – just my iPhone, nook and GRE study book – made substantial progress =D
  2. Said vacation went on a little longer than expected – flight delays galore!
  3. I’ve been hungry.


Haha, last one is funny…but true.  It’s the last day of November, and while I am not planning a Fogo de Chao bender, I definitely am easing out of my month-long food experiment.  See, I’ve read enough, socialized enough and researched enough to find that the vegan diet is one that definitely can be healthy and productive for individuals that so choose, but perhaps not the best ‘fit’ for all of society.

It definitely was not a wasted month though!  I have learned a lot about health, social systems and community – not to mention the invaluable observations of the American diet as a whole!  I’ve gathered quite a bit of awesome vegan recipes that I plan on keeping with me throughout the different stages of my diet evolution – and subsequently, discovered for myself that DIET is not a bad word!

There will definitely be more recap in following entries and days…but in the meantime, I would be happy to entertain any questions you, my loyal blog readers might have been coming up with the past few weeks.  =)




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