Yes, what you’ve heard is true…we’re moving, AGAIN!


Yes…true, we have only lived in the DC Metro area for about two months, but we are very excited about this new chapter.  Hubs is already there and signed a lease today on a condo!  He’s staying in a hotel up there and working, so this is my last week on the job at L’Enfant Plaza.

So where’s Charlottesville?

(Google map)

Not too far, really; about two hours outside of DC, but worlds away!

(Google images)

There’s the University of Virginia, Monticello, and of course, Bodo’s Bagels – Mmmm!  Really though, lot of gorgeous scenery and outdoorsy stuff, and we’re excited.

If you’re interested, here’s more:

36 Hours in Charlottesville

2004’s Best Places to Live

Stats (from 2007)

So, it’s back to packin’ – hah – but this relocation should last a little longer! 😉

Do you like to move?


11 thoughts on “Movin!

  1. #1- yes i love to move.
    #2- i think you will love charlottesville. its going to be completely different than DC and Orlando, but in a more relaxed, sip your coffee and enjoy life kind of way. 🙂
    #3- did the hubs change jobs again? or did he get transferred?

    • We love it so far!

      For hubs’ job, kind of a weird situation – he was hired as an associate, but without a particular project. The two months we lived in DC, he was waiting to be placed – basically getting paid to wait around and chill….after that got old (quickly!) he was contacted by a team in C’ville and he accepted it so that’s how it all went down =)

    • Thanks, Bridget! I am finally getting to replies on posts, but we’re pretty much unpacked here now, so it went pretty great! =D We dodged a snowstorm for our moving day, which was good, lol.

      Hubs has started working, but I will be headed to Japan for Xmas, and looking for a new job in the new year!

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