No business like SNOW business.

It’s mid-December already!  What a bad month for blogging!!


Nevertheless, I am here today with a short blog – enjoying the stolen borrowed wi-fi from a neighbor as I look outside seeing the fluffy 3 to 5 inches of snow outside!

Here’s the run-down:

  1. So far, Charlottesville is pretty nice!  I have had the opportunity to do yoga, eat out at some nice places (thanks to the relocation package, and on account we didn’t have our furniture/flatware yet) and just relax a bit as well!
  2. My race on 12/6 was awesome!  Great course, festive feeling and I was very happy with my time!
  3. I am flying to Japan for Christmas!  So excited about that; haven’t been home since 2007 – and my sis will be home, so we shall definitely embark on some fun adventures =)

2011 is here soon!

Has your December just FLOWN BY like mine?


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