Semi-Japanese Food.

Sure, I will be in Japan (AHHH!  So excited!) in three days, but today, we had two meals of Semi-Japanese food anyway (in anticipation, maybe?  Or maybe just what we have in the pantry??)


(Hot) Udon


Hayashi Rice


Of course, my versions today were not quite as photo-friendly, but they were tasty, despite their MEGA substitutions and variances…haha, for example:

  • The udon was served in a cereal bowl – I have no chopsticks at the moment (will purchase at Daiso, lol) so we ate with regular forks and spoons – the mochi was microwaved in the udon and I randomly put mushrooms in since we didn’t have onions or other garnish.
  • Hayashi rice is usually prepared with meat…beef, to be precise, as the meal is actually (ironically) a Japanese version of the western ‘Hashed Beef’ (thanks Wikipedia!) – but we didn’t have any on hand, so I sauteed some tempeh and threw in more of the mushrooms I had from earlier, plus diced some potatoes so it was kinda more like a Japanese curry; and since I didn’t want leftovers, I popped in an Annie Chung sprouted brown rice pack – – healthy and yum!

Both meals were perfect for enjoying the warm indoors whilst looking out at the snowy, cold day – we took it easy for the most part, leaving the house this morning for a few hours for a Target run, but then chilling around the house and a gym visit (for me, anyway — hubs watched some random shoes on PBS!) for some cardio!  I was all jittery I think from the chocolate in the bread pudding and needed an outlet for all that energy =D

What are your favorite types of food?  Do you go out to a restaurant to enjoy them or have you attempted them in your kitchen?



2 thoughts on “Semi-Japanese Food.

  1. so happy to have found your blog, it’s ‘missjyc’ from the bee, are you there anymore? anyway, the food looks delish and you’re so lucky to be going to japan!

    • Hey, jyw! =D Glad that you made it over to my blog =) I haven’t been to weddingbee in the longest time – I do miss a lot of the people though! I will have to add your blog to my roll – thanks again for stopping by and hope you have a Happy New Year!!!!

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