This morning, my phone rang at 8 AM with a wrong number!  GRR!  That annoyed me because I was planning on sleeping in…but that was pretty late anyway, so I got up and decided to make some CHOCOLATE CHIP PUMPKIN BREAD PUDDING!


Ohhhh mahhh gahhh.

This stuff was really good, and despite the fact that I did make a few substitutions (didn’t have coconut milk, so I just used almond milk, and I used maple syrup instead of brown sugar) it sure did turn out good!  Of course, it made a whole lot, so we had a little for brunch and still have tons of it that I scooped up and put in a Rubbermaid container so we could have some for dessert or late night snackies later…maybe even with Cool Whip…or ice cream!

Hubs couldn’t believe it was vegan, too!  Yup!!  And it is SO easy to make!

Do you ever ‘switch up’ foods from their designated times?  Like breakfast for dinner, etc?


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