Love this song ❤

So far today, I called and made my appt for wisdom tooth extraction consultation (ugh!) then fixed breakfast and hubs’ lunch, hit the gym, headed out to the DMV (<2 hr ordeal – but at least I had all my documents!) and then it was a leisurely drive back home – dropped off some things at the post office & picked up an Iced Coffee @ SBUX.  Happy, low-stress day.

On the way back, I also decided to take the longer way home, through the UVA campus, and it reminded me how much I miss school; thusly, I am going to hit those books for some more GRE studying here this afternoon…

How’s your Tuesday going?  Any big plans?

2 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. heard this song in the car when i was parking and i sat in the car til the song was over. love this!

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