To cut or not to cut…

…my hair, that is!

At the moment, my hair is pretty long (for me anyway) and I am contemplating whether I would like to let it keep growing (and get my hair trimmed) or go shorter again – new style, etc.

I really love this style, but not sure if my hair texture would ‘hold’ it well.

How long do you keep a hairstyle?  Do you change it up, ‘let it evolve’ or routinely maintain a set style?


4 thoughts on “To cut or not to cut…

  1. That is an adorable cut, I wish I could pull that off. My former co-workers used to joke that I always changed my hair every 3 months. I pretty much do. LOL Last summer I chopped off about 13 inches. It grows like a weed, then I chopped it off again. It’s growing out again, and I’ll probably let it keep going. The color keeps changing too. I just can’t help it. I’m addicting to changing hairstyles!

  2. Mine’s been boy-short for years, and I don’t see changing it anytime soon. It’s just such a grind to grow it out, since there’s a year or so of ghastly in-between hair that you can’t really do anything with. Every six months or so, I think, “I’ll grow it out for once!” Takes about two or three weeks before I go crazy and hack it off again.

    • OMG, I know what you mean about the ‘in between’ phases of hair growing out…mine evolves into some strange styles! I wish I could rock the cute short hair like you!!

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