I am about to make some Jell-o…because, well, I cannot eat anything…chipmunk cheeks and all.


The actual surgery was fine – I don’t remember a THING…just getting the IV and seeing that I had a really low blood pressure – the dentist joked that I must not have been nervous because of that!

What are your fave ‘soft’ foods?  I might need some suggestions…


12 thoughts on “JELL-O.

  1. I didn’t know you were having surgery! Are you okay? How is your pain? Remember to stay on top of it, it’s easier to manage pain by medicating before it becomes too severe! Eat what you can & stay hydrated!!!!! .omg I’m sorry…I don’t know when to take my Nursing student hat off. Feel better! ❤

    • LOL I didn’t overpost about it this time since last time (last March) I was all mentally ready for it and it didn’t happen (they told me it wasn’t necessary) but this past Xmas, I really felt them coming out…aiyyeee =P

      Pain comes and goes and I can’t keep any food down now, but all in all, not as bad as I imagined. Thanks for the advice!!

      • Fluids & meds are super important 🙂 Did they give you anything for nausea? Hope you’re able to get good rest!

  2. Girl, I feel for you. I won’t even get into the dental work I’ve had done, but for the times I couldn’t eat solids and got tired of the jello/ice cream & soup routine–I wanted nothing more than comfort food. That came in the form of mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed bananas & homemade rice cereal (easier than you think to make). Sometimes you just need a little more than liquids when your mouth hurts. And it helps keep your energy levels up so you can heal faster!

    • Thanks, Michelle. I hope to get some mashed potatoes later today – made some rice pudding from brown rice and pumpkin that was really good and also had a strawberry smoothie with greek yogurt so today’s been a lot more successful! =D

  3. cream of wheat.

    it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but growing up i hated oatmeal and ate cream of wheat instead.

    recently, it’s helped me get over morning nausea during my pregnancy. get the 1-minute or 3-minute variety, and just put a couple table spoons plus a couple 1/4 cups of water into a microwave safe bowl. zapp for 2-4 minutes (depending on power of your ‘wave) and make sure you STIR every 30 sec or so.

    i eat mine with some sugar added. i’ve heard of people adding hot chocolate mix to theirs, jam/jelly, maple syrup, etc.

    hope you feel better fast!

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