Audio Books: Pretty Cool.


Since I was super out of it this morning, I decided to jump on Overdrive on my iPhone and download an audiobook.  I had never downloaded one before, and quite honestly, did not know how I would feel about listening to a book because, well, I can be a little…impatient.  Would I get bored?

(source) – This is how I felt.

So to answer that question…no, I didn’t get bored.  In fact, it was a pretty nice way to relax, as my eyes felt droopy and my body was tired, but I couldn’t (and didn’t want to!) sleep anymore.  I was able to really visualize the literature that was being read to me and I have to say, I was very excited that I found this audiobook, since I had seen it at B&N last week and thought it would be a good read…and even though my nook is awesome and lighter to carry than a book, I am still way too weak and blah to even hold that up!

I’m about 1/3 of the way through this audio book and I look forward to finishing it up this week – right now in the book, the author is describing actually running the route from Athens to Marathon, Greece.  Pretty cool.

Do you ‘read’ audiobooks?  Any you’d recommend?


4 thoughts on “Audio Books: Pretty Cool.

    • I think it would definitely depend on the book and/or the narrator, but this one is great so far! =)

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