Giant crab.


Ugh.  I am so.freaking.crabby!!  Wahhhh…

List-form, because my head hurts:

  1. We have new neighbors that have a dog that barks loudly a lot.  I like dogs but dogs shouldn’t live in condos.  I am sorry, it had to be said.  Poor dogs.
  2. My jaw is throbbing and I had to revert to softy-foods this morning.  Yesterday, I was able to handle a chik’n Boca patty for dinner with sweet (potato) mashed potatoes but this morning, it was a struggle with my peach oatmeal. =(
  3. I think I am allergic to penicillin.
  4. After reading so many new great blogs this weekend (one of the few perks of being laid up) I have major workout envy.  At the moment, I can barely put my dishes in the dishwasher without getting dizzy.
  5. I actually feel like studying for GRE but, like the simple household task mentioned above, I get nausea from doing anything really for more than a few minutes.
  6. I didn’t have restful sleep.
  7. Said unrestful sleep was chockfull of weird dreams.

Blahhh….so I am going to whine a little bit more about it…wahhh.  I think I’ll attempt some (lukewarm) coffee.

How do you cheer up from a blahhhhh feeling?


6 thoughts on “Giant crab.

  1. Aww, come on now, our dog lives in our condo/apt, and she’s fine! People just need to exercise their dogs regularly, and get a breed that’s suited to that kind of lifestyle.

    Feel better, and I hope you’re able to catch up on sleep. 🙂

    • I didn’t mean to make all dog-owners in condos feel bad, just was directing my agitation at the stupid neighbors because they AREN’T responsible, not the dogs – it’s not their fault.

      I know a few people spoil it for others, but I am just irritated with dog poop in the elevator, dog poop in the parking lot and the like.

      I know some people can’t help it, but where we live, there are plenty of great houses people can live in for dogs to have the space they need.

  2. i can totally relate to #s 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7! (luckily our immediate neighbors don’t have dogs, though we can hear one from down the street almost every night. and i’m not allergic to anything (that i know of)(knock on wood).

    weird dreams should subside when your body returns to normal (including getting the meds out of your system). it’s just your brain’s way of dealing with all your body’s stress.

    and i hope that happens soon! it’s totally okay to complain a bit. goodness knows i have! and will continue to in the future (when the situation calls for it). your situation definitely grants you the whine-y card. play it up!

    • Thanks for the comment, Amy. I know our situations are different, but it helps to hear logical explanations as to why things aren’t feeling magical and I am happy I have a friend like you to count on when it comes to that!

      I heart you!!

    • Hahah, the Benadryl didn’t make me sleepy, just drowsy…dog barked most of the day and then the other neighbors starting nailing or drilling something, so I was in this state of halfsleep all day, roaming eBay and twitter like a zombie.!!!

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