Not hurting, just hungry!

Hi, Mom!


I got off the phone with my mom a bit ago – it is always good to hear from family, but I hate it when I am whiny.  My mom was worried about my last post since I wasn’t feeling well, but seriously it was more MENTAL (Like that’s any better, right?) but really, I just needed a ‘pity party’ day and now that I did – it’s over!

I was cranky because I wanted to eat something not boring.  So, I cooked up a boca patty (vegan meat this time, not chik’n) and made fried rice – added a little water to soften it just a tad and I ate it.  Yes!  Success!  Food that doesn’t resemble this:


I definitely feel better after having some food now, and am even inspired to bake something up to celebrate.  I was thinking these.

So really, yes, I am feeling better!  Seriously!  I just needed today…and today is outta the way now.  No more of this baby stuff; food or otherwise!!

How do you handle hunger??


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