Running Skirts

I cannot recall when I first heard about them, but I know that I have been enamored with them ever since.


I presently only own one (was so excited to find it on sale at the Georgetown Lululemon store after a race back in the fall)  but I love love love it.  I’ve worn it for two races (the Busch run & WDW 1/2) and just think it’s the bee’s knees!

There’s a pretty cool article on Runner’s World from a couple years back that discusses the trend, and though it’s been three years since it was published, I think the idea of wearing skirts for running is still kind of polarizing.  Still, the item has gone from niche to mainstream, as it’s went from speciality manufacturers like Running Skirts and Skirt Sports to being an item offered by bigger retailers like Nike, New Balance and Brookes.  A simple search on Amazon proves that!

Now, I am looking for another one (or two) for upcoming races and am happy to have the variety, but to be honest, I am really hoping I can find another lulu one – the pace setter (pictured below) is on the top of my list at the moment.  However, there have been some pretty good sales at Running Skirts, so it’d be great to try another brand – you have to move fast on that sale section though…I tried last night and each item kept selling out!


Now, I am feeling motivated after signing up for the Charlottesville Ten-Miler and back in the swing of things!  Logged 4.5 miles yesterday and depending on how I feel later, may take a short run today…pain killers are still making me a little foggy, but each day is better.

Would you wear a running skirt?

12 thoughts on “Running Skirts

  1. are they true skirts or are they skorts? i have a privacy problem wearing skirts in public; we had a customer taking pictures up girls’ (other customers and workers) skirts when i worked at Barnes & Noble a few years back. the managers caught him and had him removed from the store (arrested too i think), but even before that i’ve never liked skirts all that much. i’m too much of a tomboy for them!

    but i have a skort (probably meant for tennis cuz it doesn’t breath all that well) that i have worn during runs before. it’s cute and comfy (except for the breathing thing) but i definitely wouldn’t mind having other options. i do like feeling a little girly once in a while. and Hubby certainly likes anything that shows off my legs and butt! even when they’re topped off with a pregnancy belly!

  2. I love skirts! My thighs touch when I walk so that’s not an option for me (though I do have a hiking skirt with attached shorts from Title 9). That “pace setter” is so cute with all the ruffles!

    • Definitely great for Florida!! =) has great sales, right now there are quite a few for about $20.

  3. I love running skirts! I consider myself a girly girl (almost always wear make up, wear heels everyday to work and I always wear skirts in the summer.. I don’t even own moer than 2 pairs of shorts!) so running skirts are great for me! I own two–they are both Champion and they have a decent fit. I want a cute Nike skirt like the SR has but I want it cheap dang it!

  4. don’t you wish we had a lululemon here in cville? Thanks for stopping by my blog, it’s always great to “meet” someone else from cville. am not sure if I am doing the 10 miler yet b/c I am running georgia marathon the weekend before.

    • Likewise about ‘meeting’ new Cville people =)

      Bikram Yoga Cville has some lulu stuff; not sure if you’ve ever tried their studio, but there are some periodic sales and discounts too!

      Good luck on the Georgia Marathon and maybe we can meet up for long runs in the spring!

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