Unlikely places.

I went to the mall today on a mission to Sephora where I was planning to drop some cash on Bare Minerals makeup.

However, it seemed that I wore my invisible cloak because NO ONE offered help.  Scratch that, no one even uttered a, “hello.”


Anyway, it was a good thing – really – because I marched right out of there after wandering for a good 10 minutes and headed over the Belk to oogle at the Coach purses…when I saw the countless ads for Clinique bonus time!

So, booyah snooty Sephora chicks!  For $30, I got:

  1. Superpowder Double Face Makeup – Matte Medium
  2. Bottom Lash Mascara – Black
  3. Long Last Lipstick – Sugared Maple
  4. Quickliner for Eyes – Dark Chocolate
  5. Lash Doubling Mascara – Black
  6. Blushing Blush Powder – Sunset Glow
  7. Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser
  8. All About Eyes Serum
  9. (and of course) the cute pouch!

I was feeling pretty good about my purchase, as I had received personal attention from the helpful Clinique lady AND hello, that’s a lot of great stuff!  The last time I bought Clinique was years ago (bonus time back at the WSU Bookie!) and I still have some eyeshadows from then – their sample sizes are no joke!

After that, I strolled about a bit more and eventually ended up at the Gap – where they were offering their GapBodyFit collection for 40 percent off!  That sounded like a pretty sweet deal, so I tried on a few items, namely:




Now, at first I was pretty impressed, because even at regular prices, they were pretty reasonable $30 odd something for each piece, give or take, and the quality/construction seemed pretty solid.  Check out the whole collection here; there are jackets, long sleeve tops, crops, running tights, etc. – featuring flat seams and, when appropriate, thumb holes (lulu-esque?)

But that’s when the similarities ended.

Trying them on, they just didn’t feel completely – Gap-worthy? I mean, I found a cute cardigan there (additional 30 percent off on top of clearance, holla!) today, but these activewear items were just…meh.  The top had kind of a weird style – I mean, it was kinda unique on the rack, but I thought I’d change my mind when it was on…hmm, not really.  Maybe if it didn’t have that cotton-y material.  And the skirt?  Almost. It was wasn’t for that odd ruching…I did like the length, and later when I checked the website I found a ruche-less, but…meh.  Total surprise – I thought I’d love the items!!

So, summary – when you have the time – it does go to show that looking closer in some unlikely places can make the difference in a shopping trip!

Have you tried the GapBodyFit collection?   OR

What are your recent shopping purchases?


9 thoughts on “Unlikely places.

  1. You know, I was looking at some of their stuff online (at my mall here in FL, its not carried- not sure if we have 1 in atl), and I wasn’t overall impressed either. I guess that’s why the gap brand has athleta. *sigh* I have found tons of stuff I want there… Just can’t convince myself to drop $60 on a workout tank when I probably need something super practical and work-related.

    • That’s a good point about Athleta. Just so surprising, considering I own quite a bit of Old Navy active stuff and I like that more than Gap’s!

  2. Oh and ps, great clinique score! I love those cosmetic bags with the tester/sample sizes! I will always love clinique- I still wear the clinique eyeshadow shades I wore in hs!

    And nothing sets me off in a worse shopping mood than bad customer service. I am still holding a grudge against Belk for their rudeness re: my wedding dishes. Its been like 2 years.

  3. Never tried GAP bodyfit or anything from GAP in years to be honest but sounds like you got a killer deal on your make up! Crap, $30 for all that?! Amazing 😉

    Sorry the girls were snooty at Sephora.. I HATE that!

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      • Lol yes ma’am. Sadly there is much more to be purchased. I try to refrain from commenting because 99.9% of the time my answers are Nursing school related & I don’t want to be an annoying broken record!

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