Oh happy day!

There’s nothing like a good dose o’sunshine to make the day that much ‘brighter’ y’know?!

Started it up with a Green Monster (tried it with a teensy bit of tofu, ala Oh She Glows) and proceeded to finally order my new toy, the Garmin FR60 on Amazon – promptly cancelled my Amazon Prime trial and then caught up on blogs!

Around 10:30, I woke up the hubs and made us some psuedo lattes (frothed soymilk-topped Keurig Espresso Brew) and we lounged a bit before heading out into the 50 degree bright day to take a 4-mile walk around the ‘hood!

Hubs checking Google maps as to where we should turn next!

As we continued on, we were joined by a really cute Golden retriever that literally APPEARED out of nowhere!  She just meandered down a hill, then walked beside us like she was ours…she had a collar and everything, but we have no idea where she came from or where she was going!  It was a good ten minutes that she trotted alongside us!  I wanted to take a pic but didn’t want to scare her or look super odd if her owner materialized…hah.

After we returned back, it was time to log in some GRE studying…I did the quiz for measuring angles for quadrilaterals and got them all right!  Confidence boost!  Then…it was circles.  Whew! 😉

Hubs headed out to wash the car around that time, so I prepped dinner – pizza and avocado crab dip!  Yumm-o!  The pizza was topped with Italian Tofu – was glad to take advantage of the rest of the block =D

Once stuff was all lined up, I hightailed it to the gym for a quick three-miler, made it back for a shower, then tossed all the items in the oven just in time for the game to start!  It’s playing in the BG, as I glance over for commercials and anything interesting – looking forward to glee later, though!!

How are you spending your ‘Super’ Sunday?

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