Oh yummytown.

Have you ever had a Torta Rustica?


Okay, this isn’t a pic of the one *I* ate – and that is because well, all I had was the iPhone…but it was magical.  Pastry.  Imported Swiss Cheese. Turkey. Roasted veggies. Oh my…oh, and served up with a salad!  How have I never heard of this amazing treat?  Words…cannot…let me just share my picture.

Full of delicious.

Totally felt like I was on that show, “Best Thing I Ever Ate” – because, yes, it surely was.  Really glad it was a little pricey because this little gem is far from low-fat!!

What are your favorite foods?


  1. you and your stupid tortas….my stomach was growling extra loud during my meeting and i ate taco bell afterward cuz i was SO hungry. and then i had a stomach ache and didn’t feel good. and i blame you and your torta story…thanks tina! 🙂

  2. hotcakes right?! so good. love all their goodies, esp the pumpkin muffins. slightly less thrilled with the prices.

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