I’ve been at my new job for 7 days now, and while it is going pretty well (slowly but surely, getting access to computer programs and learning my way around better) it is also leaving me pretty tired every evening after work!  I literally scramble to get dinner ready, random house chores (need to switch laundry over as I type!!) and then it’s time for bed and to start it all over again.  The rat race…right?  Heh, reminds me of that scene from the Carousel of Progress…


Fortunately enough, I have had the motivation to get up early and work-out before work – I find that it really keeps me more energetic through the day.  Thank goodness!  I had forgotten what that “2:30” feeling felt like….

Well, I do have a pretty fun blog coming up, but y’all will just have to keep posted for it…tomorrow night, hubs and I will be headed to our (well, my) first UVA basketball game, so we’ll have a little ‘date night’ of sorts.

How do you keep on top of it all, balancing work, fun and … other stuff?!


  1. I’m curious how I’m going to handle the rat race once I start working again! LOL I know I’m going to need to find balance, because right now I have all the time in the world to get things done. That kinda scares me. EEK!

    • Yup! That was definitely me..getting adjusted though…still, the house isn’t AS clean as it was when I didn’t work, and the laundry doesn’t get folded quite as fast, but you know…LOL.

      Oh, and BTW your recent blog posts = AMAZING. I bow down to your amazingness!!

  2. i’m wondering now how we managed before i took a layoff from work. it’s been so nice to have all day to do the chores and errands so that when the Hubby gets off work we can spend as much time with eachother doing whatever as we want (or can stand).

    it’ll be interesting when i attempt to re-enter the workforce. i have mixed feelings about that day.

    • I know what you mean…but I suppose life is all about changes so when the time comes, you’ll know…and we can always adapt! 🙂 Glad you have time to somewhat relax before your babes comes!!!

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