Wiggles takes a vacation.

For Valentine’s Day 2008, hubs surprised me with a wonderful gift – he adopted a puppy!


…well, okay, maybe it wasn’t *that* puppy –  though I definitely love them – ‘cos, well, ours doesn’t bark, need to be fed or taken out OR ever have to go to the vet…and how is this possible?  Well, it is if you’re a puppy named WIGGLES! 😀

Wiggles on his first Disney Cruise, about 2 weeks after we adopted him!

Yes, Wiggles is the perfect pet – always ready to snuggle, constantly smiling and most importantly – doesn’t think twice when it is time for a weekend adventure!

Just the right size to hitch a ride!

All packed up and ready to go, we jumped into the MINI and headed East to Richmond for a little staycation – but not before grabbing a little caffeine to perk us up!

Wiggle's favorite - Iced Caramel Latte.

Side note: I was OH SO HAPPY on this particular trip to SBUX, as I not only used my gift card (free syrup!) but also remembered my reusable cup, shaving 10 cents off my order!  BAM!  Indulgences don’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you plan them right!

Like any dog - Wiggles loves to admire the passing scenery.

Wiggles, as you can see, is a pretty little fella, so he cannot exactly stick his head (and or tongue) out the window, but he still enjoys the view in a moving car!  =)   The drive was gorgeous and quick, so before we knew it, we made it to the Glen Allen/Short Pump area (W. Richmond) and checked in to our hotel for the weekend – aloft!

Big sign, little us.

We had never stayed at one of these hotels before, but the last time we were in the area making a Trader Joe’s stop, we drove past it and said, “hey, maybe we can stay here sometime!”  Well, rather spontaneously a few weeks later, we were discussing it, then found a pretty good rate with AAA and booked it online!

One of the coolest things about the place was the unique decor, starting with the lobby…

Wiggles enjoyed trying out the variety of furniture, and even tried to grab a drink at the bar – alas, he couldn’t see over the counter!  Soon enough though, he had the opportunity to check out the room, so he was happy once again!

Easy for us to remember the room number...the digits represent hub's bday!

Wiggles was busy exploring…he had to check out the built-in magazine rack, then check scope out the desk area, make sure that the bath products were acceptable (all BLISS!) and then, relax and enjoy the view from the large windows.

Wiggles needed a little map after running around the room, so he tried to snuggle hubs!

As the afternoon turned to evening, Wiggles let us go on ahead to dinner, as he relaxed in the room…so hubs and I enjoyed a little date night at Kona Grill and walked around the area, stopping in Whole Foods for some awesome Gelato before we headed back.  But little did we know, Wiggles got a little stir crazy (probably takes after me!) and we caught him downstairs in the workout room!

Silly pup! Doesn't he know he has even shorter legs than me?

So, I had to scoop him up – then we strolled around a little, checking out more of the hotel amenities.  Their pool area was actually pretty neat, and had an outdoor deck which probably is pretty popular in the warmer months!

Neat area outside!

When we got back to the room, it was time to watch a little tv before turning in for the night (we ended up watching FIGHT CLUB) and Wiggles and I snuck off during the grittier scenes, since Wiggles can be a bit of a fraidy-cat sometimes!

Just chillin before settling in for the night!

The next morning, we slept in pretty late – shockingly, the shades in the room made it almost pitch black, even as the hours ticked by!  It was 10 AM by the time we rolled out, enjoyed a nice breakfast at Mimi’s, then set out for a few more stops before heading home…

Like the Tom Leonard’s Farmer’s Market!

Yup, cow statues outside! Fun!

…and the Civil War Museum!

Wiggles loves sunshine.
He even 'met' Lincoln!

All in all, it was a fun, relaxing weekend, but it definitely tuckered little Wiggles out!  He’s been playing it low-key through the week, but definitely bugged me toward around Thursday to get his journey published 🙂

Leave him some love – he cannot wait to share his next adventure with you!

Do you take lots of pictures on vacation?

(I know when this past December, I took more than 300-400 in Japan!)






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