The Weird Sisters

My current read.

Life’s been kinda sorta busy lately, though I am pleased to say that I have finally got around to finding a book to read!  Along with running, there is really no better way to relax…classic wondrousness!


So, as you can see – the book I decided on is Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters.  I am in about 80/280 pages at the moment and it’s one of those books that is pretty hard to put down because of the readability.  Thus far, the characters all have some kind of relatable aspect (something I NEED to connect with for the best comprehension of a story, personally) and the dialogue has made me laugh (OUT LOUD) on more than one occasion already.  Best of all – I can SEE the story – I mean, hear the voices, feel their emotion, all that good stuff.

I am proud to say that the process to finding this book was a well-thought out and economical one!

First, I do a few searches online…

…and then I make a list (I am old school!)

Then, I consult Overdrive* to see if any titles are available for check out.

…mere seconds later, I have a bestseller in my hands!  For free-ninety-nine!  Booyah!!!!!!! 🙂

This is the exact method that I have read more than 30 books!  It’s awesome…sure, you can’t find EVERY title (I have probably purchased about five or six books on the Barnes & Noble nookstore) but as long as you are flexible and have five extra seconds to research it up, it’s worth every “penny.”

(* Overdrive is becoming more common in a variety of Public Libraries – access is through your library card – definitely check to see if your local library participates!!)

What have you read lately?


  1. I love Overdrive!!! My book club just read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – we were split down the group with lovers and haters. It’s a strange read for sure! Right now we are reading “The Art of Racing in the Rain” and I’m loving it!

  2. My Kindle is collecting dust, thank you for the book list! I will be snuggling up by the fire and trying to get back to my leisure reading this weekend 🙂

  3. Loved water for elephants too! I saw they are making it into a movie but got bummed our when I found out Robert pattison is playing the lead…bleh..

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