Shred Report, Day TWO.

I was Googling some 30 Day Shred stuff and found this blog post that made me think…should I measure my actual results (i.e. numerically) or just wing it?  I am not really sure if I should or if I would regret it later if I didn’t do it – but the thing is, I am not doing it to lose weight or inches, but more to supplement my fitness level and running regimen.  But really, would it be bad to have measurable results?  Hrm.  Conundrum!


Muahah, I had to include the confused asian child 🙂

Back to the SHRED!!!

Anyway, I did Level One again this morning after a few hours of studying and definitely sweated a lot more than the first try last night!  However, I also remembered to wear my heart monitor and saw that I burned 225 calories in that 2o minute workout!  Not too shabby, especially since I was thinking of hitting this workout first thing when I wake up for the next few weeks – quick calorie burn to start the day!  =)

Anyway, the one BIG thought I had coming out of the workout today was this: I wore my old Sauconys (the ones I ran my FIRST 5K in!) but they just felt, eh…off for this type of thing.  Soooo, tomorrow, I am gonna test out this workout in Vibrams! I was thinking, it might be good for all the cardio jumping around – and maybe a lil quieter for those downstairs neighbors 😉

Do you switch it up (footwear wise) for your workouts?  What works for you??




  1. i only JUST got my first pair of vibrams and i can’t wait to use them (once this baby pops out!)! i think footwear is ESSENTIAL to a good workout. dance classes taught me that!

    you can’t tap in ballet shoes, you can’t run in tap shoes, and you can’t do yoga in basketball high-tops!

    even though i’ve barely worn my vibrams, i’m still a HUGE believer in everything they’re about.

    and yes, they should make it quieter for your downstairs neighbors cuz you’ll be able to better cushion your landings when you can better control the flexation of your feet! (totally made that word up!) that’s one thing that was pounded into our heads in dance class: a dancer should be seen, not heard whenever she lands a leap/jump/turn/etc.

    it’s not just me either: my hubby switches it up between his vibrams and his conventional running shoes when he does his (formerly nightly) 5ks around the neighborhood. he says it gives his calves and shins a rest to do the conventional shoes occasionally.

    • Am excited to see what you think of the vibrams! I liked your post and didn’t even know about those new editions so that was pretty neat to see!!!

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