Must. Love. Books.

Today was a nice, slow day at work.  I had enough tasks to keep me busy through the morning and early afternoon, but around 3 PM, as I was enjoying my afternoon snack (an orange) my brain wandered back to the item that had been on my mind for weeks.

“Get library card.”

…yes, it is true, I have STILL been mooching off the Orange County library as of, well, last week…but today was gonna be the day.  I was gonna go and get that library card after work!

And so, I printed out the application and filled it out, and after hubs and I returned home and I gobbled up a tuna sandwich for dinner, I rushed off to the Northside branch of the Charlottesville Jefferson-Madison Regional Library – it’s only about 3 minutes drive from our house!

Once I arrived, I was greeted by a nice, older lady named Jane.  She let me pick my color library card (orange, green or blue – I went with the green) and I was ON MY WAY!  YahooooOooOOO!  I probably wandered around for about 35-40 minutes before I settled on a few selections for the day, checked out, and giddily returned home.

…and now, to enjoy a chocolate-y treat and some readin’!!

What’s the most recent book you read?  Do you belong to your local library??


    • Join Orange County Library!!! ( you can do it online (without even going in) and get the card in the mail – MORE than worth it for the download options (Freegal and Overdrive)

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