SBUX on my mind.

Hubs MADE MY DAY today by bringing me a wonderful afternoon pick-me-up!

Ahhhhhhhh….Tall Iced Nonfat Caramel Macchiato with the (FREE!) salted caramel bar petite treat.  Plus, it was the first time for me to see the new SBUX logo…still unsure what I feel about it, but that ain’t up to me, y’know? 😉

AND YES, it made my dreams come true if not just for that last hour of work this Friday PM.  The free petite treat thang is still going on through tomorrow, so hop on over if you’d like to sample yumminess!

What do you think of the new logo?

5 thoughts on “SBUX on my mind.

  1. I tried to get the free treat on Thursday but the Spokane Airport did not have any…lame! And I didn’t see any starbucks here…boo.

    • It was SOOO good! I love that it was decadent, but the perfect size to savor and not overdo it.

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