Space needle, mountains and tall buildings...ahhh.


Last week, I mentioned that hubs and I’d be headed to Washington (state!) in May for an extended weekend.  Since then, I’ve gotten quite a few great tips from readers and friends here, on twitter and beyond – supplemented nicely by some Yelp browsing and Googling!

Still, our plans are still on the patchy side at most, and so if you have any thoughts or ideas, I’d be glad to hear them! 

We’re in need of:

  • Suggestions for a hotel in Seattle.
  • Any MUST-SEES for a first time Seattle visitor.
  • Your opinion of the best cupcake in Seattle (ummm, how did that slip in there?!)
  • Anything else you can think of that’s fun!
...of course, we shall journey here.



Have you been to Seattle? 

Only if your answer is NO are you allowed NOT to comment! 😉


  1. Krissy!

    We’ll have to go grab a lunch at Pike Place Market! (I work about 5 min from there). I commented on your twitter but I’m not sure if you got it. I’m not the best person to ask for cupcake as I don’t necessarily crave them; but I have enjoyed Yellow Leave Cupcake company ( in Belltown. I’ve had red velvet, dulce de leche, and coconut just to name a few. Another place I’ve eaten is Trophy Cupcakes (

    I’m not sure about your budget for this trip, but I have heard the Inn at the Market is pretty awesome. Might be too expensive for your whole trip, but maybe a night? (

    Another hotel I’ve heard it’s cozy is Edgewater Hotel ( Others that are famous are Warwick Hotel and Westin Hotel. The Warwick and Westin are both in downtown Seattle (walkable distance from Pike place) but the Edgewater is right on the water.

    I really recommend going to the Underground Tour ( just to get a good laugh about the history of Seattle. I went w/a friend of mine from WSU and I actually enjoyed it. I would’ve never gone since it is pretty “touristy” but definitely worth going even when you live in the city 😉

    I also like going to the Unexpected Productions ( with friends right after Happy Hour.

    Like I mentioned before, I work near Pike Place Market, so let me know when you’re headed this way. I’d love to catch lunch and/or happy hour with you!


    • OMG you are the best! We definitely do need to meet up! Will be in touch – thanks for all these great tips and such =D

  2. ok, i’ve never been, but i still have to comment because you MUST share where you go and what’s good because Hubby and i are planning on visiting friends up there at some point in the next few years. plus it’s one of the last few states i’ve never set foot in!

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