Crazy for these cupcakes, cousin!

Remember this?

Well, seeing I will always and forever LITERALLY Laugh Out Loud to this video PLUS my mutual love of both baking and eating cupcakes, I had to embark upon my own chronic(WHAT?!)les of baking the New York City favorite: the Vanilla Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.

Fortunately for me, the recipe was readily available on the Food Network, and can be found here. Seemed easy enough, though I had to admit that I was a little nervous about the icing, as my skill-set with frosting pretty much can be summed up by this:



But really, I was stoked for it – and so, after procuring a few tools at the kitchen store at the mall, I readied the playing field.

The usual suspects.

Yup, you see me reppin’ the Great Value…hah.  More like, I asked hubs to buy these ingredients and that’s what I get.  😉  Anywho, as you can see, the only sub I made to the recipe was swapping out dairy milk for Light Vanilla Soy Milk – mostly just because neither of us drinks ‘regular’ milk these days as a matter of preference.  Otherwise, I stuck to the recipe – FOUR sticks of butter (two in the cake, two in the icing) and all!


So, after I got all the ingredients out, it was time to get down to business!  Flour mix in one small (not pictured) bowl, then butter, sugar, soymilk & vanilla blended up – followed by the eggs…then flour…the recipe was pretty straightforward!


Soon enough, the cake batter was sooooo smooth.  I doubted it would get this gorgeous, considering my use of the coarser organic sugar, but low and behold…it was!  I was very happy about that.  Then, I distributed the vanilla-scented batter into paper cupcake cups with the use of an ice cream scooper and popped those babies in the oven for 20 minutes.


While the cupcakes did their thang in the oven, I got to work on the icing!  Unfortunately, no pics of that, as there was a literal sugar dusting all over the kitchen, causing my hands to be super sticky and thus, I didn’t want to touch the camera!  Despite that temporary calamity, all was well once I pulled both batches of cupcakes out (I only have one pan, so I did one dozen at a time) and let them coooooool!

But then, it was time to ice and decorate 🙂  I decided to make half the batch white icing and the other green, with a variety of sprinkley embellishments!

These were SUPER fun to make, and yes, I had hubs sample one, and then, just to be sure, I had to make sure it was, y’know, not poisonous!  😉

I made mine white + pink:

Nom nom nom...

It was sooooo good!  However, I have never been to Magnolia Bakery (though you better believe it is on my bucket list for our eventual NYC trip) so I couldn’t tell you if it tasted true to the original, but wow!  Rich and very vanilla-y, and not at all dry like some of the reviews warned.

Also important to note: the icing was WAYYY too much!  I mean, quantity-wise (though calorie-wise, too probably!)  I probably used less than half of the recipe and I was not skimpy about covering my cupcakes.  I will remember this for next time!

What’s YOUR favorite cupcake?

8 thoughts on “Crazy for these cupcakes, cousin!

  1. YUM! I can’t wait to move so I can start baking again. I love making cupcakes. My next cupcake adventure is going to be baking the cupcakes in ice cream cones–have you ever seen those? My mom used to do that when we were kids.

    • OMG I loved those ice cream cone cupcakes! Someone made them the other day at work, though I abstained from sampling one, lol!!

  2. i LOVE cupcakes! ALL cupcakes! i do not discriminate!

    and i will TOTALLY have to try out these ones! i usually stick with muffins when i break out that particular baking tin, but why i havent’ made cupcakes yet is beyond me.

    i’ve never heard of ice cream cupcakes… i’m intrigued! please blog about them too!

    • Definitely try these, Amy! They are pretty darn amazing.

      I also love muffins.

      The ice cream cupcakes are really fun! And there are tons of variations… =D Added to the blog schedule!

  3. Well, if Buckingham Palace is anything like the Victoria and Albert Museum, she may need that map. I was never so embarassed as when I was trying to find the exit and it took me 3 hours to get out. I went through the same room about 4 times before a security guard finally felt sorry for me and walked me to an exit (which I probably still con7du&#821l;t find!).

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