Non-dull time in Dulles!

So, good news: my temp-to-perm position is, as of Monday, OFFICIALLY permanent =)


Haha, I know, random pic, but it felt pretty appropriate for me.

A-NY-WHO, I am going to be attending Firmwide Orientation up in Herndon, VA – staying at the Washington Dulles Marriott Suites from Sunday night to Thursday afternoon!  This four-day session is supposedly quite intense, but I am definitely excited about it, albeit a teensy bit nervous…the last time I went through this kind of process was at Disney, back in 2006!

The orientation itself is 7:30 AM to 4 PM each day and though I do plan to take my workout gear and run every morning (gym or otherwise) and also my GRE books for some evening studying, I also hope to take advantage of my trip up there and check out some local flavor – shopping, dining and etc.

On my “potentials” list?

  • Great Harvest Bread Company, Herndon, VA – I am so stoked for the GH coming to C’ville (soon!) but Kath’s recent posts have had me salivating even more than usual.
  • Bikram Yoga Reston – I haven’t had the chance to do Bikram in two (!!) months – and this studio is about 4 miles from my hotel and offers a $20 intro week offer.  That’s really tempting.
  • Caribou Coffee – yeah, it’s a chain – but I love it!  And we don’t have any in C’ville =)

I am still Googlin’ and Yelpin’ it up to find more places, but – oh mighty blogosphere, any must-see recommendations for me in the Dulles/Herndon area?  Let me know!



  1. Congratulations! I miss Caribou….:( I gasp when I say it but I would choose Caribou over Starbucks. LOL

  2. i’m SOOOOO envious that you’ll be within range of an actual CARIBOU COFFEE!!!!

    ugh. ‘Bou is better than ‘bucks ANY DAY!

  3. Chciał bym tak jak Kasia, zainstalować i od razu używać, ale w moim przypadku tak nie ma.Nie jestem wymagający, wystarczy mi internet wifi i jakiś grajek Mp3. Mam Dell inspiron 5100 2,4 Mh i 1,2 Ram.Karta wifi to Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN Mini-PCI.A może ktoś ma jakąś dobrą radę dla mndir.Poze?awiam

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