Shred 1/2-way point check in!

I’m…half shredded.

Although I am not really a numbers person, I am kinda-sorta wishing that I had taken some measurements before I started!  I definitely feel like I am getting stronger and leaner – though I lack quantifiable data.  =P

Not to worry, however, as the pure happy, sweaty feeling afterward is more than enough for me.

Post-workout, showing off my teeny ponytail!  I think it may be time for a haircut…

Are you a numbers person?


    • Hey that’s cool! We stayed in Waynesboro the first time we came down to C’ville before we moved here =) Great to meet some local peeps!!

  1. I know what you mean. Other than judging how my body is changing by my clothes, I would have loved to know how many inches I’m losing.

    p.s. cute little pony….my husband calls those “nubbins” LOL I don’t know why, but when my hair was short and I would pull it back he would always say “you got a nubbin”. Weirdo.

    • LOL nubbins! that’s funny =)

      I know what you mean about comparing how clothes fit! Sometimes I wonder if the clothes are looser or if they’re just stretched out and old. And you can forget about comparing what size you’re wearing! All the stores are different – as you blogged about too!!

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