Pretty suite.

My journey from Charlottesville to Herndon started on Sunday – 3:45 PM.  I started up the GPS about two miles from our house, at the Hess Gas Station – the weather was clear, roads relatively un-congested  – all the elements of a great trip!  As the GPS indicated, it was approximated that the journey would take about two hours – and that was right on the money!  I arrived at the hotel at 5:45 PM!  Check-in was a breeze, as my name was listed under a reservation block for myself and fellow Firmwide Orientation Attendees – so it was up to the room in just minutes!

The rooms are all suites, so they have a little sitting room, desk, separate bedroom, and a bathroom/vanity area that connects and can be accessed from both sides.  Pretty nifty.  After doing a little unpacking, I scoped out the rest of the floor!

Pretty nice equipment in the fitness center…and bonus, it’s on the same floor as my room!  Sweet!  After that win, I decided to go and check out the rest of the surrounding hotel area.

Starbucks in walking distance?  Yeah!  But one cannot exist on caffeine alone – so I hopped in the car and headed to the grocery store for a few items.

I’m fancy, eh!?  LOL Diet Birch Beer, oranges, strawberries and a little Chobani.  After I put that stuff in the fridge, it was a quick five miles on the treadmill while watching America’s Next Great Restaurant – then shower, relax and unpack/iron my outfits for the week and hang ’em up! 🙂  This is also when I realized I forgot to pack PJ’s!  D’oh!  Ah well, good thing I packed lots of workout clothes.  They made good substitutes.

Then, I lined up my shoes.

Yeah, good stuff.

I hit the hay around 11 after reading a few chapters from Unbroken – highly recommend this book so far, too.

Have you ever been on a business trip?  Any travel/hotel rituals?





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