While I may live in a state that has NO JAMBA JUICE to speak of (sob!) I am glad to say that I AM able to indulge in amazing Jamba ‘frozen novelties’ – you betcha!

The flavah we tried: Coconut Pineapple Passion Smashin’ – also known as AHHHHMMMMazing on a stick.  Nutritionals aren’t that bad either.  Mmmm.  Soo creamy!  But tart…and fruity…all at the same time!

There are a gaggle of other varieties as well, including:

Additionally, our local grocer also carries Smoothie Kits – we’ve tried these before, too – and though they were yumm-o, I have to admit that I felt kinda silly buying them because I could make my own smoothie.  But then again – I could make my own popsicle.  And since I can make my own smoothie, why do I love Jamba so?  Wellllp, there are just some mysteries out there I cannot solve, folks.

Moral of the story?  Try these frozen treats for an indulgent health(ier) choice!!

<<This post was inspired by a new fave blog read of mine: Brand Eating; kinda funny ‘cos I don’t eat much Fast Food anymore, but I still find the reviews very interesting!>>

What foodplace do you miss where you live?




    • I totally understand that sentiment! I love bikram and there is a great studio in town, but you have to park in the garage, which I do not like!!

  1. I miss Caribou so much! There’s also a place I used to eat at all the time in NE Ohio called Aladdin’s. When I was in OH in October I ate at Aladdin’s almost every day. LOL

  2. Krissy-it’s Middle Eastern food and it is sooooo good! I see they have locations in VA!! Run there, seriously. The vegetarian chili w/feta is to die for. Here’s their website: http://www.aladdinseatery.com/index.php

    Their pita pockets are huge. They’re like the size of a half a basketball. LOL The Dawali Rolled is my absolute favorite and was a staple when I was a vegetarian.

  3. i second the Caribou! there are granola bars & coffee & such i can get at the grocery store that are Caribou brand, but it’s not the same without that amazing ambiance!

    also, there’s a vietnamese restaurant near my parents’ house that has the MOST AMAZING EGG ROLLS EVER! and i make us eat there every time we’re up for a visit!

    the trade off is that when we’re visiting family in MN, i miss Firehouse Subs. but they just announced they’re expanding and building there, so that will soon be a non-issue!

    • Yum yum! My hubs loves Firehouse too – in fact, that’s where he was hanging out while I was taking the GRE since we don’t have one in C’ville.

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