GRE – donezo!!!

Yesterday, I embarked upon the journey that had been eating away at my sanity for the past week…DUN DUN DUN..

Taking the GRE.


Now, I did sign the thingamajig that basically said I would not discuss the questions or format of the test, etc., but this i what I can say- it was just as hard as I thought it would be!  I had prepared, sure, for the past few months – scattered between marathon study sessions (before I started the job) and then snippets of reviewing, but GOSH DARN, there are just some concepts that I couldn’t process and I accept that.

All in all, I had this sneaking suspicion through the test that I was not doing very well – especially when I started getting what I perceived to be ‘easy’ questions (since it is a computer adaptive test) but then again…were the questions less-challenging, or was I actually prepared?  It’s a mystery.

LOL...remember this show?


Anyway.  I have to say, the other surprise was this: the verbal was more difficult that I had thought it would be, too!  I felt confident about the analogies, antonyms and ‘fill in the blank’ dealies, but those long passages with the accompanying questions?  GROSS.  I consider myself a quick reader, but I definitely was running behind because I had to read (and reread, and reprocess) each of those nightmares several times.  UGH.

To top off that uneasy feeling I had about the verbal section – can you believe it – it started STORMING!  Bad.  I mean, I was wearing those dorkified sound-reducing earmuffs and I could still hear hail and wind pounding the windows!  Ominous.

All craziness aside, the good thing about the GRE is that you get your scores (albeit unofficial, but still) as soon as you complete the test.  I was pleased with mine, as they were about the figure that I was shooting for! Wahoo!  I sent those to Florida State.

So, 3.5 hours after arriving at the test center, the GRE became a page in the history of my life.  Phew.  I called hubs, he picked me up and we hit up COSTCO and Trader Joe’s – y’know, since we were in the area! (test center was in Glen Allen, VA)

Let me breathe out one more sigh of relief!  🙂

Have you taken any standardized tests lately? What are your feelings on them?


7 thoughts on “GRE – donezo!!!

  1. I took the GRE last fall and it was terrible! I didn’t really prepare and that made it much much worse! I might be retaking it but I will definitely prepare this time around! I’m glad you are done with it- what a relief! 🙂 Are you planning on going to FSU? Or do they have an online program?

    • Emily – I know they’re changing it up this August, so if you are going to take it again they’re offering mad discounts on the new version…but like every new test, it’s hard to guess if it’s going to be better or worse, lol!

      I am applying to grad school at FSU with their online MLS program. Fingers crossed…

  2. Yay! Congrats! I am definitely not looking forward to the Naplex (the boards) but I guess I still have 2 years to do that. I bet it feels awesome being done and doing well! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in a month!

  3. Oh goodness, I hated the GRE. I prepared for so long. I completely agree, the verbal section is much more challenging than I had expected also. Luckily, my score my pretty decent. The writing sections were fairly easy, which also made me feel better. I’ll definitely say that I am very glad the GRE is behind me! Congrats on doing well and good luck with FSU, I’ll bet you’re a shoe-in!

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