I am pleased to report that my 27th birthday was a smashing success.

Let me count the ways…

  1. Not only was my cake pretty, but it was pretty delicious, too.
  2. It was a sunshine-y day…huge contrast to today’s predicted downpours…
  3. We went to a nice casual place for dinner since hubs and I were still recovering from our sugar overdose and it was yumm-o!
  4. I enjoyed my birthday present from hubs.

…and what, pray tell, did he get me for my birthday??


You might be LOL-ing if you read my post yesterday but to be honest, I really enjoyed this present.  And thus, I assigned a feeling to the emotion I felt as I opened the box…coincirony.  Part coincidence, part irony – because really, it’s an act that goes beyond fate.  Hubs and I are one of those couples that always is saying or thinking the same thing, despite the fact that our personalities are so different.  It’s freaky, really – I cannot imagine how it will be when we’ve actually been married a LONG time, hah!

Do you make up words to describe things?  I’d love to hear some!

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