Melon Pan Happiness!

I decided to go on a little adventure within Charlottesville today, consisting of:

  • Downtown City Market
  • Downtown Mall
  • Bikram Yoga (it’s been three months! )

What fun!  It was my first time to the City Market, as it started up for the year last weekend and we missed it on account of me taking the GRE.  Whew.  But, it was definitely worth popping downtown – lots of crowds, high energy from the Charlottesville Marathon and, this amazingness:

Melon pan turtles!!!!!


My FAVE bread ever!  In cute turtle form!  In CHARLOTTESVILLE! And not only that, they had SHOKU PAN!  You know I bought that, too!  Swoon! They also had curry and little lunches available, but of course, I was headed to yoga = no pre-eating for me.

Now – home to do some light cleaning, laundry and other relaxy home things.  Going out with hubs later.

Do you have a favorite bread or baked item?


    • It’s a part of my childhood…melon pan…maybe there will be a GH version one day 😉 ?!???!

  1. Thank you for coming! Glad you liked our bread 😀
    Next time, ask for To-Go container for curry&rice; you can bring it back home and microwave it 😉

    • Thanks, Kumiko! I look forward to seeing you all at upcoming markets! I will have to try that curry!! =)

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