Yoga, rumors and more.

At the soon-to-be opened store at Short Pump Town Center

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you’ve likely read of my love for lululemon. Well, due to that infatuation – err, interest, I often am on the lookout for news related to the company and its products.  Two places that I get my daily dose of lululemon literature are the blogs at  lululemon addict and lulumum, where new (not even in stores!) products are showcased and reviewed, as well as other topics related to the popular Canadian yoga-inspired athletic wear brand.  Through their blogs, I’ve also been introduced to some Facebook communities (such as Lulu: this just in) and other associated groups that assist interested Lulu purchasers with buyers who have access to factory and outlet stores, or are from different regions that feature limited edition or hard-to-get products.  Whew! After learning about all of that, I definitely didn’t feel alone in my Lulu fandom!

Well – with all that in mind, imagine my surprise/excitement/curiosity when I saw this pop up in my Indeed search results (I have them automatically sent to me) for Lululemon in “22901” (Charlottesville, VA):

What! Lulu in Charlottesville!?  For realz?  As far as I was informed, the only Lulu in C’ville is at Bikram Yoga Charlottesville (where I finally returned to yesterday – I missed it so!)

Fueled with excited energy, I did the next logical thing – posed the question of it authenticity on twitter – to which I actually received this reply:

Hmmm!  Very interesting!  Here’s the actual posting from Indeed if you’re interested, but…wow.  If this is true, this is certainly muy exciting to me.  I mean, within the near future, C’ville will not only be opening a Great Harvest, a new and improved Whole Foods, then a new shopping complex with Trader Joe’s…and the possibility of a Lululemon?  The only thing we’re missing is a Costco.  Oh, and a Jamba Juice, too, but currently there are none in the state of Virginia so I’m not keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

Do you ‘follow’ your favorite stores/products?

7 thoughts on “Yoga, rumors and more.

  1. If you are up for it there is a Costco is Harrisonburg. I’ve never been in one since we go to Sams but I’ve heard interesting things about bulk bins and such.

    • Hey Holly! We have made the trip over the H’burg as well as Glen Allen, but I wish we had one in town, if not for anything but the great gas prices! We recently joined Sam’s Club since it’s so close to our house but I prefer Costco =)

  2. OMG!! That’s hilarious LOL!! Yea I just saw on their careers page they’re looking for a manager, so yea I bet you’ll get one soon!! Also, can we be lululemon buddies? I’m TOTALLY OBSESSED TOO *high five*

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