Vegan Update

No, I am not going back to November’s self-imposed 30-day challenge; just read this snippet on Natalie Portman’s (temporary?) departure from veganism; I personally was curious if this would happen with her pregnancy.  (Also, here for a few interesting comments.)

No more?

Personally, y’all have heard about my vegan experience (if not, I linked it there) and honestly, I feel like these kinds of decisions are ones that only YOU can make.  You can list all the pros and cons for your own life – and label it all you want, but in the end of the day, it’s YOU that YOU have to answer to!  I definitely have learned a lot about eating habits since I began this blog, and I continue to learn everyday.

Any thoughts?


  1. It’s fun to do those experiments because they are short enough to see results and long enough to be challenging!

    I eat vegan for most meals and like it a lot. I think it has forced me to eat more varied and healthy foods. But I would never tell anyone to do it. It has to be self-motivated.

    • Julie —

      I definitely agree! Since ‘trying out’ the vegan thing, I have incorporated many vegan recipes into our dining rotation – and it also showed me how I can make simple changes in my diet to be healthier – both for me, and for the planet.


  2. I love the concept of being vegan, and I think it’s great that there are people out there that can strictly follow that lifestyle. I know that I don’t think I could ever commit 100% to it. The weird thing is that I feel bad about that because there are some foods that I just don’t want to give up and replace with an alternative…

    • The thing that I discovered while I tried the vegan thing was that the ‘alternatives’ made me feel gross because they were unnatural. I think some people can definitely be totally vegan and I am cool with that – I am more comfortable with the whole foods approach with limited animal products…

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