A few of my favorite (house) things…

From time to time, I enjoy browsing trulia.com and gathering photos of elements I like in houses – y’know, for our ultimate dream house!  This photo compiling comes from a variety of different places – from the ‘out of reach’ $1M+ houses, as well as the lower priced ones – you can always find character that set special features apart!

Here are a few of my recent favorite things:

Built-in book shelves + sunny colors
Pretty, open windows...and a window seat!
Pretty molding, open areas + columns...more built in bookshelves and window seats =)
Modern Bathroom Elements
Spa set-up for towels...nice!
Fabulous kitchen! Swoon...

These are but a sampling of some reoccurring favorite things I’ve discovered through my random searches.  I have a little folder on my desktop where I save these images to…so when the time comes, perhaps I can use them as reference and ideas! =)

If you could pick your favorite things for your ‘dream’ house, what would you pick?

Interested in other blogger’s fave things?


  1. Oh my goodness, how pretty! I love, love, love the built in bookcases! I’m hoping to turn a formal living room into a library room since I honestly have no use for a place people will simply sit with nothing to do. We’re looking into buying a home soon. I’ve found one that we love, so we’re hoping it will still be available at the end of the month!

    I’m not 100% sure on how to make this a click-able URL, sorry! Just thought since you like looking at homes you’d be interested. 🙂


    • I love that house, Jamie! Hope it works out for you – awesome that it has a pool and everything – love that airy/open feeling of that house, too!

  2. I love this post! Having just reverted to apartment living *sigh*, I have so many ideas for my next home. I want Carrie’s closet from the Sex & the City movies LOL. I love the idea of being able to customize my home, so we’re definitely going to have to build. I don’t want a huge house though, but I do want a really big kitchen!! 🙂

    • Michelle – I feel ya! We’re in a condo now as well, and while it is convenient (no yard, etc) dreaming of house stuff is always a fun activity.

      And I am with you on the big kitchen! =)

  3. oh man, my favorite things in houses (design, decor, architecture) don’t mesh with the Hubby’s. he’s a fan of the Florida style: open floorplan, super high ceilings, etc. i love the northern cozy style: rooms with separation, hallways to the bedrooms, normal ceiling heights. unfortunately for me, we live in FL, so i had to make some compromises when we purchased our home.

    the bad thing is, he’s already got our “dream house” designed in his head. but for me, a dream house would be something like what i see on ross chapin’s website. cozy with interesting design elements, plenty of windows (but not too many) and on the smaller side. it bothers me to see so many people with houses larger than they really need to be. i even think our house is too big, despite the fact that we’re growing into it by adding to our family.

    but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming! it’s free and it’s fun!

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