This movie looks terrible.


Sad thing?  I really want to see it.  Reason?  Two words:


Yup, John has been my steady celebrity crush for the past few years – I have to admit, I wasn’t really an Office fan at the height of its popularity, but tuned in after I saw License to Wed and saw him starring opposite Mandy Moore.  (Have you seen that movie?  It’s cheese-a-licious!)

Compared to my younger days of walls plastered with pictures and posters, it’s almost shocking that I can narrow down my celebrity crush(es) to a much smaller number.  Maybe it has something to do with being married 😉  Anyway, the only other one who has my heart in Hollywood has got to be…


Some love lasts a lifetime, y’know?

Who is your celebrity crush?



  1. I swear I’m straight. But I also can’t wait to see that movie because I have the biggest girl-crush on Ginnifer Goodwin. Obsessed with her since I watched the first few seasons of Big Love! I just want to BE her. She’s like what I’d imagine Wendy to be when Wendy grows up. I love her!

    • LOL we should watch the movie the same day so we can virtually enjoy the movie together.

      I feel ya on the girl crush notion though – I am in love with Mandy Moore!

  2. The book is really good… you should read it if you have time. I hope this movie is good.. it would be sad!

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