We share.

Inspired by our afternoon mall visit last night and on this tax day eve (well, tax in-between weekend) I thought I would share a few thoughts about…simple ways to save money!

No, you will not find any complicated formulas or plan WAY in advance kind of stuff, but more like – everyday little things that might be so obvious to some people; but if they can help out even one person, I think they’re worth sharing! (how’s THAT for a run-on sentence?!)

Tip 1: Share!

For better or for worse, hubs and I live in a condo that is right behind the Mall – and though it is on the smaller side, it does have the “essentials” – Bath & Body Works, Ann Taylor, Sephora … and a Red Robin!  I was delighted to see this chain restaurant, as it was a favorite of mine from my Pacific NW days.  But the big problem at RR?  HUGE portions!  Sure, they are definitely reasonably priced, but why waste the extra $$ on the food I definitely will NOT eat?

Quick fix: half a meal with your dining partner!

Lucky for me, hubs and I have very similar tastes – and at RR, when you split a meal (we’ve done this with burgers, veggie burgers, sandwiches) they actually bring it in two separate platters so you get a very fair portion of food (FACT: one burger has 900 calories – so halving this saves some definite calories too) -for half the price.  The servers are always very receptive to this – just remember to tip fairly!

Tip 2: Ask!

After dinner, we did our regular stroll from end to end.  The first stop was Bath & Body Works – because try as I might, I can NOT use any other soap at our house other than their antibacterial foam soaps.  Yes, kind of an unnecessary household expense and really, I could save money by buying Dial at the grocery store – but, if you just ASK (and look around) you’ll never have to pay full price at this smelly store.

Love this.

I don’t think I’ve ever paid $5 for one soap here (always try to get them at the 4/$15) and I don’t think you should either.  Most times, the sales are highlighted for you all over the shop in colorful signs, but again – just ask what sales are going on if you don’t see them.  Also, make sure to read the little pamphlet/flyer/coupons that the checkers throw into your bag when you pay!  I noticed that I received another invite for their upcoming fragrance events (free lotion and bag with any signature collection item.)  Long story short: if there are splurges you know you’re going to splurge on, find out the best (cost-efficient) way to go about it!

Tip 3: Join!

Many stores are now offering savings clubs and offers that are FREE.  I am not talking about store credit cards (though some of those can be good deals, too – but make sure you read that fine print.)  Example from yesterday: Sephora’s Beauty Insider club – sign up in store and earn points for deluxe samples, seasonal discounts and a free birthday gift!


Sure, it might seem like you have to spend a LOT to get a little but the points do not expire.  I don’t spend exorbitant amounts there, but little by little, the points to add up.  =)

These are but a few tips that dawned on me in our trip yesterday, but I’d love to hear yours, too!

Do you have simple money-saving tips?


  1. I love Sephora! I used to only go there to buy gifts for others but then started getting these samples and got hooked. =D I’ve only made one purchase so far this year… hoping to keep it that way for as long as possible ($$$). =/

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