Sleepy bear.


Yup, that’s my hubby! 😉  It’s his 32nd birthday, not even 10 PM and guess where he is?!  Already in bed!!  Oh, my silly hubs…

Today turned out to be a pretty great day, despite the terrible allergy sniffles I suffered from all day at work!  Ugh!  Sniffliness + answering phones and listening to webinars = pretty ick-tacular.

Still, several points redeemed the day:

  • Great breakfast!  Had oats + banana swirled in, plus topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt and granola.  Mmm.  Didn’t get hungry until lunchtime at noon – that’s a record for me, since I eat breakfast about 7:15 AM!
  • Two cups of green tea at work…necessary for natural energy AND warmth!  Seriously, the rest of the office is regular and comfortable but the desk I sit at seems to be located on the North Pole.
  • Surprised hubaroni with an Edible Arrangement at work for his birthday!  He HATES presents (seriously) but I still wanted to get him something special.  He shared with his coworkers =)
  • Tried the tempeh 1/2 sandwich at Mellow Mushroom for dinner this evening (dinner out was hubs’ pick) and it was seriously yum.  I had read about it and always wanted to try it, but usually the delish pizza aroma would have me change my mind at last minute.  Today, though – I persevered!  And it was worth it!  And NOW, I can attempt to recreate it at home!
  • Took a nice long walk around The Corner and to the Downtown area of Cville – this wasn’t the best idea for my sinuses, but it was nice to enjoy the sweet warm air and hold hands with hubs 🙂
  • Returned home in time to catch Jeopardy – then changed and hit the treadmill for Glee watching!
So, yes, lots of happiness obviously comes from my different procurements of nourishment, but hey, that’s me!  It is what it is, y’know?
What made YOUR day better today?
Psssst…THIS: might make your day better come this weekend…jus’ sayin’!

2 thoughts on “Sleepy bear.

  1. Super cute sweaty bands would make my weekend rock! 😛

    You know what made my day better yesterday? My mom picked my older son up from school to take him shoe shopping. And for some reason, my little baby wanted to go to bed mad early. So I was standing in my kitchen thinking “it’s 6:30 and I am ALONE.” It was amazing.

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