29 Weeks to Awesome!

This week, the blogosphere revealed an amazing tool to me – both Ashley and Tina raved about Runner’s World‘s Smart Coach.

Naturally, I had to scope it out…and I am proud to say, I am now the excited owner of a 29-Week training plan!!


Why 29 weeks?  Well, I am running this then!


Yes, I know most people do not space out training like that, but the application gave me the option, and hey, why not have a basic idea of what general ‘track’ I should be on?



I am going to follow the prescribed training as much as possible – tweaking when needed (as far as running days and some distance switches – i.e. Week 19 is the week I will be running a half-marathon and probably shouldn’t be logging 26 miles then) but I think it’s a great starting point.  ALSO, with the training suggested, the plan predicts I can run the race in 3:51:43.  Oooh!

…and so, without any further ado, here’s Week 1…coming ‘atcha!

16 Mi

Dist: 3 Mi

Dist: 5 Mi, inc
Warm; 3 Mi @ 9:13; Cool

Dist: 8 Mi

How do you train for races?  Have you ever used this tool??


7 thoughts on “29 Weeks to Awesome!

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