week dos.


Like two.


And yes, I did look up the word ‘week’ in Spanish (it’s semana, if you were curious) but then I forgot if I should write ‘dos semana’ or the other way.  Then, I began to wonder why I even thought that much into a post that is about running, not the language that I should know a lot more about than I currently do.

Sigh.  This is just a snippet into the craziness of how my mind works.

Nevertheless, moving on.  Second week of Marathon Training, on deck:

17 Mi

Dist: 4 Mi

Dist: 4 Mi, inc
Warm; 2×1600 in 8:39
w/800 jogs; Cool

Dist: 9 Mi

Not bad.

I feel confident about last week’s mileage and progress – though I do admit it is a bit of a challenge to be running slower than I had previously been doing, but I am trying to stick to the plan as much as physically possible.  Example?

Well, this week, my long run was an 8-miler and the suggested pace was 10:49 – now, since I napped most of the afternoon after giving blood (LOL) there was little daylight around for me to hit the pavement, so it was a treadmill run.  That being said, I also had it ingrained in my mind that I was supposed to run the 8 at a 10:13 pace (not sure where I got that number) so after some button tweaking, the splits actually went down like this:

1 – 9:41 – oh man, turn it down girl!

2 – 10:00 – that’s better…let’s tweak it down a bit more…

3 – 9:58 – how did that happen? umm?

4 – 10:08 – alright! getting somewhere…

5- 10:10 – BAM! on a ROLL.

6 -10:08 – okay maybe my stride alters the speed?

7 – 9:59 – I swear I didn’t touch the button????

8 – 9:59 – I’ll try again next mile – er – nevermind.  Time for some incline walking…

Hmmm.  Yeah, ‘too fast’ – but not something to stress about.  I have to admit, it felt really weird going that ‘slow’ as the “6 MPH” setting has pretty much been my ‘safe’ zone since I started running.  For comfort, I’ve stuck between 6 – 7.5 over the past few months, depending on the type of training I am doing, with the interval training topping out at 8 MPH (where I felt like I’d fly off the belt) though outside, it feels totally different.  My heart rate was much lower for those run than my speedier ones, so I know I was staying in a good zone, so that was good!

And added bonus, got to see the finale of my Sunday night treadmill tradition – America’s Next Great Restaurant!

What, you thought  I was gonna blog the winner here?  Hmm, well, I already DID tweet it…but…for anyone DVRing it…I’ll just say, I was pretty happy with the outcome and it was a nice ending.  ((Or click here for an article on the winner!))

At any rate, good Sunday!  I am also beyond thankful that I only have to work three days this week and on Thursday, we’ll be on a plane…and kickin’ it West Coast Style!


How did you spend your weekend?


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