Life’s important issues.

Hey y’all!

The past few days have been so busy – chock-full of – relaxing.  


But, in this time of relaxation – and other random idle activities, such as doing laundry (how did one load become three?) and shorts-shopping at Kohls, very many pressing ponderings have entered my mind.  If you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you have already had a wonderful insight into the innerworkings of my weekend-mind, but if not, here are some great topics that emerged:

SUBJECT ONE: Twizzler Preference



I had NO idea that there were five different products in the Twizzlers line.  Did you?!  I mean, I am not a candy connoisseur, but I felt that this discovery seriously blindsided me!

How did this come about?  Well, back in March, a sweet coworker of mine assembled a super cool care package of snacks and fun stuff for my trip up to Dulles for company orientation.  Well, she packed SOOO many things that there was no humanly way I could have consumed all the consumables in one week…or month…or two months…whatever.  There was a LOT of stuff!  Anyway, she snuck in a pack of Strawberry Twizzlers.  And today, well, I re-remembered them and busted them out of the pantry to enjoy a few sticks (do you even call them sticks?)  So, I settled on the couch, opened the bag…and…


What was this?!??

Well, huh, turns out I don’t like Twizzler Twists.  Hmmm, I thought these were the Pull n’ Peels.  I guess the idea of more than one Twizzler type was over my head, because as I chewed it down anyway (hey, I don’t like wasting food!) I realized that those Pull n’ Peels that I favored were cherry flavored…but a few years ago, my mom had sent me Chocolate twists, and I liked those!  Maybe I just don’t like artificial strawberry candy.

SUBJECT TWO: New Clothes Protocol

Do you??


So, last night, our big Saturday evening plans were as follows: Target. Starbucks. Kohls.

I was so super excited because I finally found a great pair of shorts!  ((Here they are if you are interested: Sonoma Cuffed Twill Shorts – in ‘Frapuccino’ ironically!))  Wahoo!  Plus, they were on sale.  Score.

Hubs also found some good stuff (work slacks, button downs, and some workout clothes, for the future workouts he is promising he will do!) but this is not the point of this blog subject.

It is this:

Me hungry!!


Our Sunday laundry chore become 3X as much because hubs put every last bit of his new purchases in the hamper.

I didn’t mind, because hey, if I am doing laundry, I’m doing laundry, whatevs.  I get in the zone.  But it DID get me thinking about it…

I don’t usually wash my new clothes before wearing them, unless they’re from a discount rack or something.  Like, I can tell they’ve been touched by ten million people.  But otherwise, especially from Kohls, where I found my size shorts in a neatly folded section with crisp ‘never been worn’ creases still on them, I don’t bother.  But, was this a bigger issue than I gave credit for?

I posed the issue on twitter, and found a variety of responses:

Wide variety, that’s for sure.

I then Googled the question (“Should you wash new clothes before wearing them?”) and while I do admit that some stories kinda skeeved me out, I am still pretty,”eh” about it.  I think it has to do with how your household/family handled it, and you kinda go from there.  But, I could be wrong…

So, in light of my RIVETING subjects of today…I pose these two questions this Sunday:

1.  What are your thoughts on Twizzlers?  Have a favorite type??


2.  Do you wash your new clothes before wearing?  Why/why not?


  1. To elaborate with more characters than a Tweet allows…
    I feel like normal clothes… Jeans, shirts, whatev… Are just going to be worn into the real world anyway and pick up zillions of germs and grossness. No point in washing them first unless I plan to snuggle my face into my jeans or something. PJs, however, are purely for around the house and to be worn in my probably-not-as-germ-free-as-I-want-but-I’ll-pretend-it-is bed. Thus, my PJ-washing reasoning. Plus I really like fabric softened PJs. 🙂

  2. Twizzlers=YUCK! I can’t stand them. Never like them, even when I was a kid. I’m not sure why. I think a lot of it had to do with the general texture, and to this day I still have trouble with certain textures of foods.

    As for the new clothes, I always wash before wear. Some clothes have a “stink” that I can’t get past. Not sure if its the dyes or packaging they might have come in. I also love clothes to feel soft, so washing them (for me) makes them a little softer on my skin.

  3. i don’t like licorice of any kind. but i grew up with twizzlers: my dad ALWAYS had a bag inbetween the two front seats whenever the family went on a road trip. that was his road trip snack.

    i usually don’t wash my new clothes before i wear, unless i can clearly tell they’ve been tried on and can’t find another in my size. also, underwear and pjs are usually washed first. but i’ve had too many instances of shrunken clothes that don’t fit after the first wash (i don’t usually read the wash instructions, maybe that would help), so i like to get at least 1 good wear out of new clothes before they go through the wash.

    • Hahah! I just got to this comment for some reason but I HAD to reply! I can be pretty bad about reading wash instructions, too. Too many “dry clean only” items have gone through my regular wash…whoops! 😉

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