Remember that character?  Well, that’s how I am feeling this morning…droopy-eyed.  Feeling like it’s Monday, though thankfully, it is FRIDAY!

Not sure what it is, a mix of allergies, not a great night’s sleep, or whatevs, but I am Sleepy McSleeperson today.  I usually can bounce out of bed (literally) and head to the treadmill when my alarm goes off, but this morning, I just wanted to stay submerged in the sea of blankets and pillows this morning.  Sigh.  Blankets.  Pillows.  Where are you?!

The morning did have two bright points though!

  1. My mom and sister called from Japan this morning.  They were watching Fantasmic! at Tokyo DisneySea.
Miss you two...


2.  Was able to have a slice of Great Harvest Bread this morning for breakfast.  Mmmm.  Dakota….and (local) friends, hear this: today is their grand opening!  So…go forth and have some carbs!

Mmmm.  Carbs.

Speaking of, today is also Free Donut Day at Dunkin Donuts.

This day could be looking up after all! 😉

What’s fueling your Friday?


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