Monday REBLOG.

Through Connecticut Cupcake, I have come across one of the most entertaining blogs ever, Running off the Reese’s, which chronicles the life of Cely, a super hilarious sweets aficionado and runner.

Hah, I had to.


I have TONS of blogs on my Google reader, with topics ranging from Library Science and baking, to fitness, home improvement, crafting and more – but none make me cover my mouth to suppress an outburst of giggles that hers does.  From her snarky prose, to brilliantly captioned and edited celebrity photos, and update from this blog will always warrant a break from the rigors of reality.

Today, however, there was a post that did even MORE, which promoted this immediate reblog.  Yes, it’s a weighty issue for people, especially women, to address body image as expressed in the lbs – but Cely does a remarkable job at presenting her frank thoughts, while seamlessly injecting smart humor in her presentation.

Please check out her blog and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


If you’ve got a minute, check out her running gear page, too.  I almost spit out my iced coffee when reading that!

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